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Garrard 301

Garard 301 Turntable Information

Garrard Record Decks were the highest standard transcription turntables that were available from the mid 50’s to 1976.  Favoured by professionals, radio stations and audiophiles for the amazing sound qualities it produced the Garrard 301 was the first and best selling turntable from 1954 til 1965 when the Garrard 401 was introduced.  The mechanics of both machines were essentially the same with the 401 benefiting from a redesign bringing it up to date in the swinging sixties.  The 401 ceased production in 1976 and Garrard went on to produce other decks but none that came close to the quality and popularity of it’s predecessors.

Today both decks sell extremely well on the second hand market, particularly to Japan and the far east where there seems to be a massive interest in both Garrard and vintage british engineering in general.  All over the world people still love the sound generated by vintage record players like the Garard 301 and Garrard 401 which they feel cannot be surpassed by digital formats of today despite the improvements made in the digital audio field in recent years.

Garrard 301 Turntables for Sale Right Now

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