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Garrard 401 Turntables For Sale

Garrard 401 Turntable Information

The Garrard 401 turntable was added to the Garrard stable of record decks in 1965, it is basically the same turntable mechanically speaking as it’s predecessor the 301, the main difference being in the cosmetics of the deck. Indeed the deck was restyled using “modern” plastics to give it a look that was extremely familiar to the consumer of the mid sixties. Mostly they were brown with silver detailing, however the range of plinths that became available for them was exceptional, not only professionally produced ones but also those which were designed and built by owners and hobbyist.

Today the Garrard 401 is a very collectible item of retro audio equipment, like others it has a particularly strong market in Korea and Japan, but perhaps more so than the 301 it is extremely popular throughout Europe, the USA and even at home in the UK. Perhaps the sixties look is a bit more in vogue in those regions than the more fifties icon of the 301. Whatever the reason there is a brisk market for all Garrard’s in various market places both online and offline. As always it is better top perform your own due diligence when trying to procure retro audio equipment, make sure you check any feedback you can for sellers on places like Amazon or eBay and be wary of any outlets that cannot be verified.

Having said that we have found that with a bit of common sense there are fantastic bargains to be found online. Good luck in your pursuit of your very own retro record player!

Garrard 401 turntables for sale right now

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